Wild Camping

Video of a night in a Welsh mountain bothy.

Video of a night in a Welsh mountain bothy.

A cheap Spanish air rifle can still be dangerous.

Videos of Wild Camp on Kinder Scout.

The following links are for my recent walk/climb and wild camp on the Peak Districts highest mountain.

Part 1: http://youtu.be/UgXiKrKxZas

Part 2: http://youtu.be/Eskmu10PgOM

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Wild camp on Kinder Scout 20/01/2014.
Two videos of the trip above.

I slept in the Delica on Friday the 3rd of Jan. There was a gale blowing and it was cold at around 1celcius. Even with a summer sleeping bag inside the Czech Army bed roll I was not comfortable. I was only wearing pj bottoms so will take softie trousers next time. Got to sleep around 02.30 after sticking a couple of handwarmers in the bag.
Awoke at 08.00 and had an all day breakfast and plenty of tea. My walk started from the national trust car park at Mam Nick. I followed the stone staircase at the back of the car park and after a short and steep climb arrived at the trig point. It was quite foggy and visibility was down to 100m. A gentleman appeared and had a friendly chat ( not all walkers are sociable ) and after he took a picture of me next to the trig we went our separate ways.
Obviously part of the reason for walking up hills is for the amazing views. I was beginning to get a little downhearted due to the fog. I pressed on towards Hollins Cross and as I did so the weather lifted a little. Off to my right I could see the Hope cement works in Hope Valley and now straight ahead I could see the Great Ridge leading to the next peak - Bak Tor.
I used a rock as a seat for a brew stop, on a whim I had bought a self heating coffee called Rocket Fuel. It did not seem to get very hot but it tasted ok and I could tell it was an energy booster after drinking it ! Then onwards to Bak Tor. It was now around 09.30 and the hill was getting busier with walkers and fell runners appearing from both directions. The climb up the rock stairs to the top of Bak Tor was steep and slippery, and for what would turn out not to be the last time I was glad of my walking pole.
Next stop after a steady climb is Lose Hill. From here you can see Win hill across the valley. There is a legend surrounding the names of this pair of hills:- http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lose_Hill
From Lose Hill I decided to head down in to Hope Valley and then turn back towards Bak Tor Plantation. I stopped for a rehydrated spaghetti carbonara in these woods below Bak Tor then rejoined the Great Ridge towards Mam Tor. At Hollins Cross I turned back down the hill in to the Hope Valley. After some muddy scrambling and sliding sideways downhill I hit my goal. I was now at the halfway point of the A625 Mam Tor Road abandoned in 1979. Mam Tor is made up of layers of shale and a landslip on this side has been slowly destroying the road for decades. The climb up this road past the broken sections of Tarmac and set against the brooding dark peaks is impressive. Other posts here have pictures and videos of the trip.
I hope to be back in the Peak District soon for a proper winter wild camp, just waiting on the snow!

A walk in the Peak District 4/1/14.

She escaped her field by swimming around the fence, longer grass to munch this side.

Woke up by the side of the Trent. This cow was very friendly and kept me company while I had a brew.

Trip video. Part 2 of 2.

Trip video. Part 1 of 2.